Wearing jewelry is about making a statement.
It’s not just about reflecting your personality, but to enhance, and boost your energy, brighten your spirit, so it shines through the room when you enter.
The desire to create that delicate balance between you and the energy of that special occasion you attend. You rarely find that perfect piece in department stores which’s goal is to sell for the messes. So let us help  you! ☺

Did you find a design in our store but you want a different stone or different size?

Tell us what stone and/or details you’re looking for, or if you just have a different setting in mind. We’ll be glad to help you!

Select a stone that is already cut, or we can cut it for you.

We make cabochons and gem stone faceting for the desired style and size.

We’ll create that finely crafted, unique piece of custom jewelry for you.

Submit the form on the side for details or with any questions, and we’ll contact you shortly.
We look forward to working with you on your next dream jewelry.

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